4 Things Recruiters Are Tired Of Seeing On Resumes

4 Things Recruiters Are Tired Of Seeing On Resumes

When applying for a job, it’s important have a well-made resume that people will truly enjoy and understand. If not, you are on your way to problems in the future as it’s not easy to get jobs if you are not prepared. While true, with that being said, you can nail the process if you have a decent resume. Here are four things recruiters are tired of seeing on a resume.

Too many details

While you will want to give a clear picture on what you do, it’s wise to keep the details to a minimum. Think about it, when looking for a job, you will not want to tell the recruiter or hiring manager about your entire life. At the same time, while writing about your previous positions, you also don’t want to go into too much detail. For example, if you were a secretary, you probably don’t need to mention your obvious tasks such as answering the phones. Instead, you will want to provide true insight into what you did in your previous position.

Vague dates

Without a doubt, if you are vague with anything, especially dates, you are going to hurt your cause greatly. Remember, plenty of people were out of work during the recession, and there is nothing wrong with having a gap in employment. In fact, if everything lines up too perfectly or if you are vague with your details on the dates, you may elicit some suspicions as the hiring manager may not know what to believe or think.

Generic statements

Sadly, when applying for a job, most people don’t know how to stand out. One way many attempt to stand out is by saying obvious things that everyone else says. For example, if you are a team player or you work hard, you will want to show that in-person and not in your resume as you will bore the reader who has read the same statement dozens of times every day.

References available on request

Finally, if you are looking to stand out, you probably want to offer amazing references. However, either give them to the company from day one, or wait until they need them. Otherwise, if you mention that you can provide references, you are going to do little to stand out from the pack.

With these four examples to avoid, you can help your cause greatly and land the job of your dreams.