5 Fastest Growing Careers

5 Fastest Growing Careers

Five high growth careers for the period 2012-2022 based upon the Department of Labor Occupational Handbook estimates for growth. Population change is the growing number of Baby Boomer generations reaching retirement age. This creates new vacancies, and new demands for services. The high growth potential careers are as follows:

Personal Financial Advisor- 27 Percent Growth Rate 60,300 New Jobs.

For persons with aptitude and interest in managing money, retirements create demand for financial services to manage assets and plan for security. These positions typically need a bachelor's degree. Business, law, and finance are excellent backgrounds for this position.

Health Services Management- 23 Percent Growth Rate, 73,300 New Jobs.

New demands for health services management come from the dynamics of longer, more active lives and increased retirements. The Department of Labor projects new facilities and greater demands for services will create new jobs to manage medical information and staff. Qualifications require a Bachelor’s degree in business, administration, or a health related field; a Master’s in public health or a related health field would be an advantage.

Construction Management And Site Supervision - 16 Percent Growth, 78,200 New Jobs.

Construction managers work with engineers and other construction specialists to plan, and oversee construction projects from start to finish. Construction management and site supervision are growing due to increased demands and retirements. Growth in the construction industry stems from population increase and demands for housing, office space, and facilities. Experts project retirements for a large number of financially stable construction managers. Managers need a bachelor's degree in construction science, construction management, engineering, or architecture. For site supervision, work experience combined with an associate's degree will qualify.

Elementary Education- 12 Percent Growth Rate, 167,900 New Jobs.

For those interested in teaching and working with young students, job opportunities will grow due to large numbers of schoolteacher retirements. The jobs involve classroom teaching, lesson planning, student assessments, and test preparations. The Department of Labor projects large number of teachers to reach retirement age and retire creating thousands of openings. Experts cite resistance to technology and curriculum changes help drive the retirement numbers higher. Public schools require a BA in Elementary Education and a teaching license. Private employers usually require the BA in Education.

Insurance Products Sales -10 Percent Growth, 45,900 New Jobs.

Insurance sales are terrific for people who enjoy selling, and have a talent for sales. Retirements create new demands for insurance, particularly long-term health care coverage. Fewer employers offer this benefit; people will need to buy it in the open market. Insurance sales require a license, knowledge of insurance products, the ability to communicate well, and follow or create leads. Agents assist customers in choosing insurance investments. Educational backgrounds center on business, economic and finance. High School diploma is the entry-level degree with insurance products training.