Congratulations! They've Made You A Job Offer! Now What?

Congratulations! They've Made You A Job Offer! Now What?

You're in! You just got the call from Human Resources offering you the job you've been working so hard to land! You need this job. You want this job. And yet... some small hesitation won't allow you to fully commit to the offer. Something is nagging at you. What questions might you explore to help you feel more comfortable about moving forward with this opportunity?

Are You Being Offered the Best Deal?

Hopefully, you communicated your salary range requirements in an earlier stage of the interview process, and this offer is in line with them. But what if you are now on the receiving end of a lowball offer? How can you negotiate most effectively on your own behalf?

Most people hate negotiating. It can bring up all sorts of fear-ridden boogeymen involving self-worth and asking for what they want. You're going to ask for what you deserve and need, all the while staying upbeat, creative, and flexible!

Remember: you've already risen to the top and beat out other candidates. You've received an offer. This company wants you. They need you! And if they deserve you, they'll meet you more than halfway on your financial stipulations.

Is There Something Better in the Wings?

Perhaps you're in the fortunate position of having to decide between two job offers. How can you be sure you're choosing the best employer for your situation?

If you like to quantify things -- and you should in this decision -- make up a simple spreadsheet and weigh the factors that you value most.

Is This Really Your Dream Job?

How many times have you seen people accept jobs that were not really suited for them because they were desperate? Usually they try to convince themselves that they should like the job and therefore force themselves to appear happy.

In the April 2014 issue of the Harvard Business Review, Deepak Malhotra, a professor in the Negotiations, Organizations and Markets Unit at the Harvard Business School, writes:

"You can negotiate like a pro and still lose out if the negotiation you're in is the wrong one. Ultimately, your satisfaction hinges less on getting the negotiation right and more on getting the job right... the industry and function in which you choose to work, your career trajectory, and the day-to-day influences on you (such as bosses and coworkers) can be vastly more important to satisfaction than the particulars of an offer."

Solid gold advice!