Tips For Highlighting Your Most Authentic Skills On Your Resume

Tips For Highlighting Your Most Authentic Skills On Your Resume

A great resume won't be able to land you a job, but it can help you lose one. Your resume is your only chance to make a first impression on a potential employer. If it's impressive, you'll be called for a first interview. If it's lacking, the employer will toss it within 30 seconds.

Don't let your resume hide your lack of qualifications. Here are some important tips for creating a great a resume:

Open With A Bang

Hiring managers begin at the top, just like everybody else. The only part of your resume they're guaranteed to read is your very first section. With this in mind, you might want to skip a career objective. Your objective is already clear: to obtain the position you've applied for.

Instead, open with 1-2 sentences about your professional experience. This section must make it perfectly clear why you're the best candidate for the position. Keep it general and include as much as you can. You'll get into specifics throughout the body of your resume.

Go Beyond Job Descriptions

When a hiring manager scans your resume, they want to know what your specific strengths and accomplishments are. Listing your general duties isn't going to help them out.

Consider these examples of a sales supervisor with the same experience:

Details are the difference between grabbing a hiring manager's attention and landing in the rejection pile.

Back Everything Up

It's easy to make an unsubstantiated claim on your resume. If you claim that you 'helped reduce costs', it isn't going to stick out. It's a claim that anybody can make. If you want to stand out, you need to be more specific.

Instead, say that you 'developed a process to reduce costs for x by 25%'. This sticks out and is much more authentic than a generalized claim.

Personalize Every Resume

Sending a general resume with every application is a great way to find yourself in the trash bin. When a company creates a job listing, you need to pay attention to the keywords and skills emphasized throughout the post. As you scan your own resume, highlight the experiences that are most relevant to them.

Make sure to include all required or emphasized keywords word-for-word in your resume. Many hiring managers use scanning software that performs keyword searches. Even if you're a perfect fit, you might never even get in front of them if you're missing the right keywords.

Less Is More

Your resume usually gets scanned for about 30 seconds before an employer moves on. If you've filled it up with extraneous information, there's a good chance they'll miss many of your relevant skills.

Here are some tips for making sure your resume is concise and powerful:

Tell The Truth

The biggest mistake you can make is lying or exaggerating on your resume. Every proper company is going to do a thorough background check on you. Even if you aren't caught until down the road, it's a fireable offense. In 2012, Yahoo fired their CEO for padding his resume.

Here are some common resume lies you have to avoid:

Continue To Gain Experience

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your resume is a reflection of your experience. If you're unhappy with your resume, you should try to gain more experience. Volunteer at a local organization or offer to take up new duties at your current job.

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