What Industries Have The Best Job Markets?

What Industries Have The Best Job Markets?

Choosing the right career field can keep you from experiencing disappointment when you are searching for a job, or after you have worked in a field for a number of years. If you choose a field where there is very little job growth, you could see yourself having to settle for a lower paying position or one that offers far less job satisfaction. The fact is that when there is a lot of competition in a job industry, growth comes to a standstill. This is why it is essential to find a career that is growing and predicted to keep growing in order to secure your future and give you a better chance of maintaining job satisfaction throughout your career. Read on to learn which industries are growing the fastest and what type of growth they have to offer.

Happy Employees Are Working For The Government

While you may believe that those working in the exciting technology industry would be the happiest in their job, the fact is that in a recent study, they were ranked as some of the unhappiest workers. However, those who worked for the government were found to be happy in their position, due to the stability, daily tasks associated with their jobs, and good co-worker relationships. If you want a job where you can grow, make friends, and enjoy what you do, consider working with the government.

Highest Employee Retention Rate

The government wins again! If you are looking for job security and job satisfaction, then you should aim to get a job with a government agency. In 2011, the turnover rate for government organizations was only 1.4 percent. This is significantly lower than the average of 6.9 percent, which is reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics.

Fastest Growing Industry: Registered Nurse

Registered nurses are considered to be one of the fastest growing job markets today. Increase in employment from the period of 2010 to 2020 is estimated to be 711,900. This is a change of 26 percent. Compared to other job industries, this is quite a significant figure and one that is expected to continue to grow with more and more registered nurses needed in the healthcare industry. In addition, for those who like to care for and help people, nursing is a rewarding career.

High Salary Potential: Drilling Engineer

Drilling engineers are the individuals who design oil wells and who invent different ways to drill natural resources from the Earth. With a current median salary of approximately $84,000, the pay for this job keeps going up and is ideal for anyone seeking one of the highest paying jobs in the country with a bright outlook.

Best Chance Of Advancement: Hospitality

Working in the hospitality industry can earn as much as six figures. Most of these positions are customer service oriented and as you gain more experience, you can move higher up the pay scale. In as little as 12 months, you can move quickly up the hospitality ladder, which is much faster than a number of other industries.

Best Industry For Retirement Plans And Benefits: Utilities

The average contribution for utility employers into employee retirement funds is $6.54 for each hour worked. This makes the utilities industry the top contributor of employee retirement benefits. The source of these generous benefits is mainly the union membership.

The numbers don’t lie. According to these facts and figures, those who work with the government are the happiest workers and have the highest retention rates, as well. While this is a surprise for some, it is something you should keep in mind when searching for your next job. Think about what is most important to you and then search for a job that will be able to fulfill this. This will ensure job satisfaction.


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